TransDigm Group Incorporated
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Executive Chairman of the Board
EVP, M&A and Business Development
President, CEO and Director
COO, Power and Control Segment
GC, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary
Director Emeritus and Strategic Consultant
President, Adams Rite Aerospace, Incorporation
President, Airborne Systems North America
President, AmSafe Restraints and Specialty Devices
President, Aero Fluid Products
President, Aerosonic Limited Liability Company and Cooperative Development Authority Intercorp Limited Liability Company
President, Data Device Corporation
President, Electromech Technologies
President, Avionic Instruments, Limited Liability Company
President, Breeze Eastern
President, Pexco Aerospace, Inc.
President, Schneller Limited Liability Company
President, HarcoSemco
President, MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.
President, Telair International GmbH
President, Whippany Actuation Systems
President, Shield Restraint Systems, Inc.
President, Tactair, Young and Franklin
President, AmSafe Passenger Restraints
President, Airborne Systems Limited
President, AeroControlex Group
President, AdelWiggins Group
President, Dukes Aerospace, Inc.
President, Champion Aerospace, Limited Liability Company
President, Arkwin Industries, Inc.
President, Data Device Corporation
President, Pneudraulics, Inc.
President, Nordisk Aviation
President, Elektro-Metall
President, Telair United States of America Limited Liability Company
President, Technical Airborne Components
President, Skurka Aerospace, Inc.
President, SCHROTH Safety Products


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About TransDigm Group Incorporated

$3.5 BN
Market cap
$18.3 BN
Aerospace & Defense
1301 East 9th Street Suite 3000
OH 44114
Phone Number
(216) 706-2960