Robert J. Coury

Robert J. Coury

Chairman at Mylan N.V.

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Robert J. Coury's Executive Work History

Mylan N.V. DEF 14A on 05/30/2018
Mylan N.V.
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B.S., University of Pittsburgh

Robert J. Coury's Biography

Robert J. Coury is the Chairman of Mylan N.V. Under his continuing visionary leadership and strategic direction, Mylan has transformed from the third largest generics pharmaceutical company in the U.S. into one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in terms of revenue, earning spots on both the S&P 500 and, prior to the Company's reincorporation outside of the U.S. in 2015, the Fortune 500. Mr. Coury first was elected to Mylan's Board in February 2002, having served since 1995 as a strategic advisor to the Company. He became the Board's Vice Chairman shortly after his election and served as CEO from September 2002 until January 2012. He served as Executive Chairman from 2012 until June 2016, when he ceased to be an employee and became Chairman. Since 2007, Mr. Coury has led Mylan through a series of transactions totaling approximately $25 billion, which transformed Mylan into a global powerhouse within the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, with a global workforce of approximately 35,000 and products sold in more than 165 countries. In 2007, Mylan purchased India-based Matrix Laboratories Limited, a major producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients, and the generics and specialty pharmaceuticals business of Europe-based Merck KGaA. Subsequent acquisitions under Mr. Coury's leadership further expanded Mylan into new therapeutic categories and greatly enhanced its geographic and commercial footprint. In 2010, Mylan acquired Bioniche Pharma ("Bioniche"), a global injectables business in Ireland; in 2013, Mylan acquired India-based Agila Specialties, a global injectables company; and in 2015, Mylan acquired Abbott Laboratories' ("Abbott") non-U.S. developed markets specialty and branded generics business (the "EPD Business") and Famy Care Ltd.'s women's healthcare businesses. More recently, Mylan acquired Meda AB (publ.) ("Meda"), a leading international specialty pharmaceutical company that sells prescription and over-the-counter products and the non-sterile, topicals-focused business of Renaissance Acquisition Holdings, LLC. During this period of expansion, Mr. Coury's vision and leadership led to the building of an unmatched, high quality foundation for the future, supporting Mylan's mission of providing the world's 7 billion people with access to high quality medicine and benefiting investors, patients, customers and other stakeholders. Before becoming Executive Chairman, Mr. Coury also executed a successful executive leadership transition after cultivating and developing a powerful leadership team. Grooming executive talent from within and recruiting dynamic leaders from outside Mylan both were key components of the Company's past, current and future growth strategies. Mr. Coury's qualifications to serve on Mylan's Board include, among others, demonstrated outstanding business acumen and strong business judgment.

Source: Mylan N.V. on 05/30/2018


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