Infor, Inc.
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EVP and Chief Learning Officer
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
SVP, Business Innovation and Chief Information Officer
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Customer Officer
Chief Creative Officer
Chief Customer Officer
SVP, Cloud Operations Engineering and Security
VP and General Manager, Sales
SVP and General Manager, Retail
EVP, Consulting Services
SVP, Field Operations and Chief of Staff
SVP and General Manager
VP, Infor Services, Asia, Pacific, Japan and Middle East
EVP, Global Manufacturing, Distribution
EVP, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific
SVP and General Manager, Asia-Pacific
SVP, Market Strategy and Product Management
VP and Head, Experience, Hook and Loop
SVP, Major Accounts Program
SVP, Consulting, North America
EVP, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, GT Nexus Business Unit
President, GT Nexus
SVP and Chief Scientist


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