Aaron's, Inc.
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CEO, President and Director
Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Progressive Leasing and Director
CFO and President, Strategic Operations
President, Aaron's Sales and Lease Ownership
SVP, Sales and Business Development
EVP, GC, Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary
SVP, Technology Enablement, Portfolio Governance and Chief Information Officer, Progressive Leasing
VP and Chief Compliance Officer
SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer, Aaron's Sales and Lease Ownership
Chief Information Officer, Progressive Leasing
Chief Technology Officer, Progressive Leasing
Chief Information Officer and SVP, Digital Products
President and Chief Revenue Officer, Progressive Leasing
Chief Compliance Officer and GC, Progressive Leasing
Chief Operations Officer, Aaron's Sales and Lease Ownership
SVP, Mid-Atlantic Operations
VP, Underwriting and Product Risk, Progressive Leasing
VP, Enterprise Sales, Progressive Leasing
VP, Finance, Progressive Leasing
President, Dent-A-Med
VP, Compliance, Progressive Leasing
VP, Finance, Investor Relations and Treasury
SVP, Northern Operations
VP, Corporate Initiatives
VP, Technology Strategy and Innovation
VP, Regional Sales, Progressive Leasing
VP, Western Operations
VP, Associate Resources
VP, Enterprise Systems
SVP, Northeastern Operations
VP, Operations, Progressive Leasing
SVP, Southeast Operations
VP, Real Estate and Construction
SVP, Business Transformation
VP, Strategy and New Business Development
VP and Chief Corporate Governance, M&A and Securities Law Counsel
VP, Sales and Customer Engagement
VP, Compensation and Benefits
VP, National Accounts, Progressive Leasing
VP, Internal Audit
VP, Talent and Culture, Progressive Leasing
President, Manufacturing
VP, Retail Operations
VP, Customer Retention
SVP, Midwest Operations
VP, Enterprise Risk and Security
VP, Products and Integration, Progressive Leasing
VP and Corporate Controller


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About Aaron's, Inc.

$3.4 BN
Market cap
$3.4 BN
Business Services
400 Galleria Parkway SE SUITE 300
GA 30339-3182
Phone Number
(678) 402-3000