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Dir., Former President and CEO
EVP and Chief Commercial Officer
CEO, President and Director
VP and Corporate Controller
SVP - Trucking Operations
SVP, Trucking Operations
Former Chairman of the Board
Former President and CEO
Former Senior VP, Operations
Former SVP, Marketing
Former Sr. VP, Logistics
Former VP, Risk Management, GC and Secretary
Former President and CEO
Former EVP, Strategic Capacity Solutions
Former Principal Financial Officer, VP and Chief Accounting Officer
Former CEO, President and Director
Former EVP, Risk Management and Safety
Former President, Trucking


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Top 5 USA Truck, Inc. Executives by Holdings

EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, USA Truck, Inc.
Chairman of the Board, USA Truck, Inc.
CEO, President and Director, USA Truck, Inc.
Board Member, USA Truck, Inc.
Board Member, USA Truck, Inc.

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About USA Truck, Inc.

$429.1 MM
Market cap
$93.7 MM
Transportation & Logistics
3200 Industrial Park Road
Van Buren,
AR 72956
Phone Number
(479) 471-2500